Having Reclining Chair at Office Can Make You Less Miserable!

It’s an unarguable fact that, all of us spend more hours sitting on chairs either at work place or at home. At the same time, people are handle lots of stress in their work life and in some cases even in family life.

Every day, people go to bed with an alarm (both physical and mental) switched on so that they wake up early in the morning and reach office in time. They also endure the stress created during travelling to office. Some chaotic situations at office can further elevate their stress levels.

Due to the nature of their jobs, most of the people spend more than 8 hours sitting continuously on office chairs. Despite knowing the fact that it’s always advisable to take regular breaks from sitting and take a walk, people often fail to practically do it.

Continuous sitting, without doing physical movements can trigger blood circulation issues and few other health conditions. It’s a good habit to do few basic exercises such as stretching our body and do a quick walk in regular intervals.

How a Bad Chair Can Affect You?

Apart from the unhealthy habit of continuous sitting, another alarming factor that contributes to various aches of your body is sitting on an improper office chair.

Most people don’t pay attention to the chair they sit upon on daily basis. They simply get busy with their work. However, our bodies surely get affected due to incorrect sitting postures and lack of backrests in the chairs. People start suffering from various health issues such as pains in neck, back, hands, legs etc.

When they are done with their day work, these pains leave them in a miserable state.

The Problem with Regular Office Chairs


Most of the regular chairs that you sit upon daily basis do have a backrest; however the support may not be adequate. Back rest doesn’t really offer a support because it doesn’t touch the lumbar (lower back).

Proper upper and lower back support is very essential for maintaining correct posture of spinal cord. Our body parts are connected to spinal cord through nerves. Each body part functions correctly only when it has an adequate blood flow through it.

So, a healthy sitting posture will promote proper blood circulation through the spinal cord.

Seat pan

Seat pan is another important characteristic or feature that many of the office chairs have. But seat pan should be in such a way that it should allow our legs to touch the ground while seated on the chair.

The right way of sitting on a chair is to make sure that our legs are flat when we keep them on the floor and it forms a 90 degree angle. This kind of sitting promotes blood circulation through the legs and possibly we can avoid many kinds of pains in our legs, knees and calf muscles.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t pay attention to the above requirement and our regular office chairs fail to provide this kind of seat height adjustment.


Arm rests are equally important to provide the right support to your arms and wrists. They need to be at the correct height in line with desk and keyboard.

A regular office chair may not give you appropriate support to your arms. The arm rest they have might be either at more height compared to work desk or smaller in height.

This misalignment can lead to pains in shoulders, arms and even fingers. A cheap chair may not even have arm rest adjustment option.

Prolonged sitting on an office chair without above essential features, can result in numerous pains in shoulders, back, fingers, knees and feet.

These pains further multiply your overall stress factor.

The Easy Solution

Ergonomic chairs and reclining office chairs

However, there is hope and you need not be so miserable ?

What you need is a combination of ergonomic office and a reclining office chair.

Let’s see how these two types of chairs actually benefit you.

An ergonomic chair has number of features for adjustment so that it aligns the chair to suit various body structures.

A good ergonomic office chair has head rest, back rest for supporting both upper and lumbar areas. It also has adjustable armrests, adjustable seat pan, swivel and inbuilt footrest.

Just pick up a good quality ergonomic chair and you will notice considerable difference in the comfort level while sitting on the chair and improvement in your productivity as well.

Office executive often find themselves in stressful conditions due to various office conditions and they need some means for relaxing and rejuvenating.

Here come the refreshing benefits of a reclining chair.

Put a reclining chair in your cabin and enjoy a relaxing sitting session on it. You would be pleasantly surprised how soothing the experience would be, especially if the recliner has inbuilt massaging features.

15 minutes of massaging session on the recliner can easily relax your body and mind. A recliner also comes with an additional footrest called ottoman which is great for feet.

So, don’t find yourself in miserable conditions due to bad chairs. A onetime investment in ergonomic chair and reclining office chair can provide you long term health benefits and free you from pains and stress.

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