Retro Furniture & Vintage Furniture Perth

It is getting harder to find unique and hardy furniture in modern days, as more people tend to go for those that are cheaper and can easily be dismantled and put together due to the fact that people move a lot more often these days. It is no surprise that IKEA is doing so well with their sleek but cheap and flimsy furniture. If you are looking for vintage furniture that not only looks classy, but is environmentally friendly too, Stories On The Wall specializes in authentic retro-looking vintage furniture, and also recycled furniture made out of old rustic fishing boats which were painted over and over again with colourful layers to protect these wooden boats from the harsh condition out in the sea.

Down here in Perth, retro furniture is expensive with minimum variety of style to choose from. As I was about to give up looking for more unique furniture I came across this shop online which sells funky-looking retro vintage furniture. They sell vintage furniture from ex British Colonies date as far back as early 1900s, they also sell recycled furniture made out of old, recycled, painted, and tropical fishing boats which are rich in not just history but aesthetics too. The recycled teak furniture are handmade and extremely hard to come by these days. You can imagine how delighted I was to find them.

What’s even better is that they accept custom orders for the boat furniture, which was really handy when I wanted my table and chairs to be of a specific measurement to fit my dining room nicely and to look higher than average dining sets.

For those who are more environmentally conscious recycled timber is the way to go. Not only do they look good, they also help with preserving the environment by minimizing the impact of deforestation and also use less synthetic materials.

Not only can they add a tad of class to your interior, they are also excellent outdoor furniture. Stories On The Wall also accepts custom orders which means you can have anything with any measurements made to suit your very own needs.

Teak wood is also hard to come by these days, and would last hundreds of years if you take care of it. Price wise is decent too, considering they are handmade, teak wood, and with a nice story behind each piece of furniture! A piece of Jarrah furniture could easily be worth 2 or 3 times the price of these boat furniture.

The most interesting part about them is that they provide the option to have your furniture custom made – be it a TV console, bookcase, mural, dining table, vanity, buffet or whatever unique piece you wish to have for just yourself.

Supporting recycled furniture is also a good way to help preserve the environment by minimizing the impact of deforestation. It also means using less synthetic materials which take thousands of years to decompose.

Stories On The Wall is one of the leading furniture stores in Perth which specializes in boat furniture. Furniture can be delivered worldwide.

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