Why Storm Doors Are Recommended for Downriver MI Entry Doors

Anyone who’s familiar with the winter wonderland known as Downriver Michigan would recommend that Downriver MI Entry Doors should be partnered with a storm door. For those planning to move in from warmer climates, Michigan enjoys mostly fair weather, often overcast with clouds, with occasional rains and cold, biting winters. The rains and occasional rains can do a number on old wooden doors or even new ones. So it’s recommended for new and current residents to have storm doors installed.

What exactly are storm doors for those who aren’t familiar? Storm doors are companion doors which are placed over the main entry door which is mostly glass with a sturdy frame, unlike screen doors made with metallic or plastic netting. Storm doors can protect the primary entry door from rain, ice and snow and helps for the door to last longer. The only problem with storm doors is that the glass can trap heat and damage the primary door when used in hot climates. Therefore, storm doors are perfect for Downriver MI Entry Doors because of Michigan’s temperate climate.

Aside from elemental protection, storm doors can also add an additional layer of security. A sturdy one should discourage intruders from breaking in unless they want to make noise, thanks to the glass. Another advantage of storm doors in Downriver MI, is for energy efficiency. Homeowners can leave their door open and allow for the daylight to come in as well as some heat in order to reduce electricity costs.

There are plenty of contractors in Michigan that can provide beautiful storm doors such as Allpoint Construction which is the choice for many Downriver MI residents. Allpoint provides many different window and door types made from fiberglass, wood or steel. They guarantee fast installation and provide free estimates. Installation of storm doors for Downriver MI, entry doors is affordable with Allpoint as they also provide easy financing options. Allpoint also installs other door types including garage doors and patio doors.