Liquid Leather

Caring for an expensive piece of leather furniture, whether a modern sofa or something a lot older, requires the right products.

Gliptone Liquid Leather and Leather Preserve products have become renowned as being the best leather furniture care products available. They were the original leather care products sold by World of Leather, Kingsbury Interiors, Harveys, Courts, Furnitureland, Pendragon Furniture, Fraylings Land of Leather, Yarwoods Leather and the Co-op.

The Liquid Leather and Leather Preserve ranges include leather furniture care and leather restoration products that are formulated to work specifically with the many different types and colours of leather that is found on modern and antique furniture including sofas and other upholstery. Gliptone also offer a service where they mix products to match specific colours for customers who provide a sample of the material that is in need of restoration, a service that allows excellent results when restoring antique furniture.

Gliptone’s Liquid Leather website contains a vast amount of information and advice on how to care for different types of leather furniture and which products are most suitable for the task. For example, it gives details on the 6 different types of leather used to make leather furniture and how to find out which one is used on your leather sofa. In addition, it details why the care required for each of them needs to be different. It also explains why tricks such as using hair-spray to remove an ink stain on leather furniture works, but also why you might want to think twice before doing it. It also goes into great detail about the effectiveness (or rather the lack of effectiveness) of leather wipes and it explains why they don’t produce anything like the kind of results that most people hope for.

The company formulate and produce all of their furniture care products in-house and they still supply more furniture manufacturers with leather cleaning and leather care products (including the largest furniture retailer in the UK) than any other company. They clearly know their stuff when it comes to leather care.

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