Tips For Choosing A Roofing Contractor Livonia Michigan

Ask the Livonia Michigan contractors about the price for the job and the materials they typically use, including any special equipment. Roofing contractors Livonia Michigan may also provide estimates on how long the job will take. It’s essential to work with the right contractors, willing to put in the extra time, to pay attention to detail, and really understand what the job is. Perhaps you want to install blue fiberglass shingles or replace the entire roof. When it comes to choosing a Livonia Michigan roofing company, research online to find the best one for your needs.

Make sure all quotes are in writing and include a report that provides detailed information on potential issues and other information related to the job. Look for a professional roof installer that offers a warranty and has installation experience in your area, insurance, and workmanship. Check references to see if there are any complaints made about the installer or the product they are installing. Make sure you understand how the roof will be installed.

Top 10 Most Common Roof Repairs

With over 20 years inspecting and troubleshooting roof Issues, we felt it might be helpful to share our observations about top 10 most common roof repairs, we feel by starting with #1 as being the greatest cause for repair calls, this may bring some perspective to the issue of these terrable, relatively newer type pipe flashings, that have for the most part, taken the place of the good old fashioned and apparently eternally lasting Lead Pipe Boot, that seemes to be slowly being fazed out, we feel the progression 1-10 is for the most part accurate, however may vary in your state or area.

#1 – Dry Rot to Rubber Seal Insert in Plastic or Metal PVC Pipe Boot Flashings.

#2 – Missing Shingles – Related To Wind Or Storm Damage.

#3 – Slipping Shingles – Related To Poor Workmanship/Installation or Poor Nailing Technique.

#4 – Damaged Shingles – Related To Tree Limbs Rubbing Against The Shingles.

#5 – Chimney ReFlashing – Related To Poor Workmanship/Installation And Or Wear & Tear/Old Age.

#6 – Malfunctioning Ventilation Such As Turbine Vents, Power Vents & Unsealed Stove Pipe Base Cones & Collars – Due To Wear & Tear/Old Age & Poor Workmanship/Installation.

#7 – Porch Roof Leaks – Due To Poor Workmanship/Installation At The Transition Where The Porch Meets The House, Or Due To The Incorrect Use Of Shingles On A Roof With A Pitch/Slope Less Than 3″ Up For Every 12″ Out (3/12 or 3:12).

#8 – Roof Leaks At Headwall & Sidewall Flashings – Related To Poor Workmanship/Installation Or Insufficient Roof Drainage/Lack Of Gutters, Resulting In Overwhelming Amounts Of Water Falling Off An Upper Roof On To A Lower Roof & Causing The Flashings To Be Overwhelmed By Water.

#9 – Leaky Skylights – Related To Poor Workmanship/Installation, Seal Damage, Due To Wear & Tear/Old Age Or Cracking To Glass Or Plastic Domes Caused By Hail, Age Or Other Falling Debris Such As From Tree ‘s.

#10 – Critter Damage – Due To Wild Life Attempting To Seek Refuge From The Elements Via The Roof, Usually When Roof Access Is Not Limited By Proper Cultivation Of Nearby Vegetation, Such As Tree’s.