Securing Your Home and Office Using the Latest Technology

In these increasingly security-conscious times it is vitally important not to leave anything to chance when securing your home and office against intruders. Technological advances make it easy and relatively inexpensive to upgrade your security set-up.


Safety in the home

It seems that every day newspaper articles and television reports are full of stories of break-ins, petty thefts and robberies. Increasingly, criminals desperate for cash or goods will even enter an occupied house in search of valuables and cash, which is a terrifying prospect for homeowners. Gone are the days when people could leave doors unlocked and windows wide open as thieves and criminals will take advantage of any opportunity to enter unsecured premises.

Technology has advanced to the point where many security companies can now offer a completely integrated security package. Systems can be as simple or sophisticated as the owner desires, from a basic alarm system through to an all-singing, all-dancing set-up that can even switch lights on and off and open and close your curtains. These systems can be accessed from your own laptop, tablet or phone, even when you are out of the country, allowing you to keep a check on your property wherever you happen to be.

Through remote access you can activate or deactivate your alarm system through your mobile phone or laptop to allow chosen visitors access to your property, whilst a system of CCTV cameras allows you to view every room in your house for monitoring purposes, giving you absolute peace of mind at all times.

Security in the office

Whether your office is a room in your home or a purpose-built complex, there is a security option that will meet your needs. An integrated system means that all parts of the security network operate in conjunction with each other to provide a complete security package that can be fully adapted to your requirements.

CCTV cameras can work in conjunction with alarms to track and monitor intruder movements through the building, allowing security staff to keep pace with their movements. Alarm systems can automatically phone outside security firms, or even staff and managers to make them aware of a breach in security and camera systems can be monitored through your smartphone or computer screen in real time.

Whether you require a card-entry system at the entrance to your office building or wish to deny some staff members access to certain areas, a modern system can be fully adapted to your precise needs, giving you a degree of control that has never before been possible.

Criminals today are finding new ways to commit crimes, but technology is constantly reinventing itself to keep one step ahead of them. In this modern age, with a wealth of intelligent security systems at everyone’s disposal, there is no excuse for any householder or business owner to fall victim to certain types of crime, as there are solutions available for every situation and for every budget.


Sara Jameson writes regularly on work and lifestyle issues for a range of websites and blogs. A keen hiker, Sara is often away from the home participating in walking events around the country. She is a keen proponent of integrated home Surveillance Systems, which allows her to monitor her home office systems wherever she happens to be.