Bali Furniture Perth

If you are looking for Bali Furniture Perth that looks rustic, full of character, and environmental-friendly too, Stories On The Wall specializes in furniture made out of old fishing boats – old rustic fishing boats from Bali and other tropical islands in Asia and Caribbean, which were painted over and over again with colourful layers to protect these beautiful wooden boats from the harsh condition out in the sea.

Not only can these Bali furniture add a tad of class to your interior, they are also excellent outdoor furniture. Stories On The Wall also accepts custom orders which means you can have anything with any measurements made to suit your very own needs.

Teak wood is also hard to come by these days, and would last hundreds of years if you take care of it. Price wise is decent too, considering they are handmade, teak wood, and with a nice story behind each piece of furniture! A piece of Jarrah furniture could easily be worth 2 or 3 times the price of these boat pieces.

The most interesting part about them is that they provide the option to have your furniture custom made – be it a TV console, bookcase, mural, dining table, vanity, buffet or whatever unique piece you wish to have for just yourself. Their workshop is full of talented carpenters with highly refined skills.

Supporting recycled furniture is also a good way to help preserve the environment by minimizing the impact of deforestation. It also means using less synthetic materials which take thousands of years to decompose.

Stories On The Wall specializes in boat furniture, vintage furniture, antique furniture, painting, and is one of the leading art and furniture stores in Perth. You should really consider paying these guys a visit or contact them. They do ship outside of Australia if you are willing to pay for shipping.

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