How Coffee Tables Help In Creating a Modern Home Interior

In the quest of creating a modern home interior, one of the best ideas to incorporate is the use of glass tables. Glass tables are made up of glass materials mostly plain glass materials which are awesomely brilliant to the look due to their unending ability to seamlessly reflect light in very large quantities. Glass tables are the most modern step when it comes down to interior design using simple materials. The variation in strength, rigidity, ability to reflect light, heat resistivity, and even scratch resistivity of glass makes available in various designs. However, the best types of application of the glass table are the glass coffee tables. The glass coffee table comprises of a glass tabletop placed upon a table stand which can either be made of metal, wood, plastic or even glass. A glass coffee table is one with a highly transparent nature which allows it to reflect every light falling upon it thereby enhancing the space within which it is placed. Glass coffee tables are great in design, however; they can’t be made more perfect without the knowledge of how they are been styled or decorated. This article details succinctly, some basic coffee table decor ideas, the pros of using the coffee table, how to choose the right coffee tables and some simple coffee table styles.

The Art of Styling a Glass Coffee Table

1. Maintain Balance Through Symmetry

A very essential component of styling and designing is a balance.  It is necessary that the coffee table is balanced in every way necessary. Balanced in position in, and object placing. Through symmetry, balance can certainly be achieved. Symmetry can be achieved by positioning the coffee table such that it does reflect enough light without creating glare. Also ensure balance by placing on the coffee table, objects that are even in size.

2. Not Just Balance; Ensure Proper Composition

Good coffee table decor ideas include the use of flowers, books, fruits, and much more. All these are simply to maintain balance however, when trying to keep balance, always ensure that your coffee table is properly composed. Composition in glass styling is something easy to achieve provided you understand the orientation of colors. When placing objects on your coffee table, ensure that the colors you use are of the same tone.  The combination of white with deep yellow may be a great idea however; the use of white with cream is certainly more compelling.

Modern glass coffee table for smaller living rooms
Modern glass coffee table for smaller living rooms

3. Work with The Room; Size Matters

This coffee table styling tip may be coming third on the list but, it certainly should be considered first when making any table styling approach. Since you would not place your glass coffee table alone in an empty room but instead amongst other materials in the living room like the use of cabinets in home, it is necessary that you make it work with other items. Every object combination you make on your coffee table should enhance the room; your table should contain flowers of creamy colors for a room painted white and filled with pictures.

4. Keep It Low; Do Not Over Crowd

One thing every designer knows is that when styling any material, it can very hard resist the driving force to filling up every available space with various beautiful accessories. However, it is necessary to always avoid overcrowding when it comes to coffee table styling. Too much accessories on the coffee table can help in disrupting the desired function of the table. It can be fun to fill your glass table with beautiful objects of various colors however, remember that glass reflects every color and when overwhelmed with colors, the design becomes underwhelming.

5. Don’t Just Style, Shape

So close to styling is the art of shaping. When you think of designing your home with the glass coffee table, you think of setting it in the center of all happening, in a place where it can be prominent to the sight and evident to observers. It is therefore necessary that you make your coffee table out of a glass material that has been shaped for such a special purpose. It can either be oval, rectangular, square, and circular. All these shapes are a part of the available coffee table styles

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Considerations into Choosing the Right Coffee Table

• Properly Consider the Height

The height of your coffee table will depend on the height of your sofa. The height of the coffee table shouldn’t always be the same with the sofa neither should they be opposite. You should select a glass coffee table with a height that complements the space around you without living out the sofa.

• Pick the Shape That Suits Your Interior

Choosing the right shape for your coffee table depends solely on the space of your living room. Like if you go for cabinets ideas for home or any other glass furniture, you take the estimation of the overall look of the room having accessories. Similarly, a table should also be shaped such that it is compatible and can be perfectly positioned away from your sofa. If you would love a 360 view, a circular table would be great however if you want more reflection, go for the rectangular.

• Strike Balance Again

It is no new thing that balance is the one thing that can’t be left out in styling and that one way of achieving it is trough symmetry. When choosing the design of your coffee table, consider the prominent object around it, the sofa. Simply strike balance by making the length and size of your sofa legs opposite that of your coffee table. For a sofa with high slim legs, go for a glass coffee table that is solid all the way to the ground.

Glass coffee table with storage is best for smaller space
Glass coffee table with storage is best for smaller space