Why Get an ErgoHide Height Adjustable Desk

You’re putting your health in peril if you sit at your desk for long hours on end. If you’re tired of hunching over your workspace for over 8 hours a day, now might be the perfect time to get an ErgoHide height adjustable desk. 

Height-adjustable standing desks from the company let you switch back and forth between seated and standing positions throughout your workday. 

In case you don’t know it yet, sitting can increase pressure on your lower back’s disks, not to mention that it doesn’t do any good for your cardiovascular system and circulation of blood in your legs. 

A height-adjustable desk is one of the best ways to allow more movement. It improves your circulation, you get to burn some calories, and most importantly, your productivity also increases in the process. 

How to Choose a Height Adjustable Desk 

There are a few important considerations that you need to keep in mind when shopping for your new height-adjustable desk. 

For starters, be sure to pick a desk that can adjust as high as the height of your standing elbow and as low as the height of your sitting elbow. A height-adjustable PC holder is also an accessory you might want to get. 

ErgoHide height adjustable desk is custom made
ErgoHide height adjustable desk is customisable, and you can get many accessories that will make your work more pleasant. A height-adjustable PC holder is also an accessory you might want to get. 

You might also want to look for a footrest where you can prop up your feet now and then even while standing. Make sure that you also check your desk environment to determine what best fits your available space. 

Many standing desks don’t allow room for you to add an overhead cabinet. You also need additional space for moving around your chair since you would want the space to be free of your chair while you’re standing. Finally, see to it that you have a comfortable setup while you’re in a seated position. 

Overview of ErgoHide 

ErgoHide is a business run and operated by a family. The brand is popular for its tradition in wooden furniture manufacturing. For the past several years, they have been focusing on creating products that will facilitate and support a healthier and tidier working environment. 

The vision of the brand is to create an impeccably organised, aesthetically perfect, and healthy space. The height adjustable desk from ErgoHide is a one-of-a-kind product designed and produced locally. 

The customers of the brand are often convinced easily after just getting a first impression of the product. The oiled oak wood’s pleasant smell has also been gaining rave reviews from those who purchased these height-adjustable desks. 

How to Build an Adjustable Height Desk

Building your dream desk with ErgoHide is a very easy process with just a few steps.

1. Decide on the Type of Desk You Want

The ErgoHide brand’s team has the unique idea of letting you choose between some tailor-made square accessories with extended cable space. 

You can also choose a desk that features a roomy and stylish space where you can keep your cables to ensure that your workspace remains free from clutter. There is also a hidden multi-outlet that you can quickly access when the need arises. Only a single power cable leads to the desk as well. 

ErgoHide height adjustable desk also has a hidden multi-outlet
ErgoHide height adjustable desk also has a hidden multi-outlet that you can quickly access when the need arises.

Lastly, the classic ErgoHide desk is the most elegant option for those who want a top-of-the-line height-adjustable standing desk constructed out of solid wood. You can also customize this with different accessories that match your specific needs and requirements. 

2. Pick a Work Surface

Whether you prefer walnut wood or solid oak wood for your height-adjustable desk, you can have the assurance that the brand uses locally sourced wood that has been carefully handpicked to ensure that you’re getting only the highest quality and nothing less than you deserve.

standing desk constructed out of solid wood can be customized with different accessories
The standing desk constructed out of solid wood can be customized with different accessories that match your specific needs and requirements. 

Even the dimensions can also be customised, ranging from a width of 120 to 150 and even 180cm. You can also decide if you prefer a straight edge or an ergonomic curve. The team also uses natural oil to protect the sanded wood from spilled liquid and other forms of dirt. 

3. Choose Your Base

When it comes to the base, you can choose between a premium dual motor frame with adjustable height or the elegant classic frame. 

The base can hold a maximum load of 140kg while offering a fast but silent operation of 30mm/s at 43dB. It also features collision avoidance and detection, as well as four saved profiles for height adjustment that only takes a single click. 

4. Final Touch 

The last step in making your dream desk is to incorporate LED light with epoxy diffusion to complete the overall aesthetics. 

Reasons to Buy a Height Adjustable Standing Desk

If you’ve finally decided to get a height adjustable table, several benefits await you. 

Keep Your Body and Mind Active

Sitting at your work desk for hours in the same position can get quite exhausting. This can affect your blood circulation and cramp your muscles, both of which can make you sleepy. Adding a height adjustable table to your work area allows you to mix standing and sitting positions throughout your workday. As a result, it enhances your blood circulation and relaxes your muscles, reinvigorating both your mind and body. 

Just so you know, the human body isn’t meant to sit for extended periods, particularly without movements of any form. If a certain job requires you to work for long hours, you need flexible furniture that can help you keep potential health concerns at bay. Height adjustable desks that easily adjust to the user’s body can help them stay productive and healthy at the same time. 

Get the ErgoHide standing desk constructed out of solid wood!

Reduce Risks of Weight Gain

You are more prone to gaining unwanted weight if you have limited to no physical movement throughout your long working hours as compared to taking regular breaks. Your metabolism stays active if your body is moving. A height adjustable desk from ErgoHide will let you maintain a standing and sitting movement to help you shed more calories compared to what you can achieve if you stay seated. 

Prevent Tight Hips 

Your hip flexors are shortened if you sit for hours. The hip flexors are a muscle group in your hip and once they shorten, it can cause pain. When left untreated, this may result in lower back soreness, also a common health concern among employees. Thanks to the ErgoHide adjustable standing desk, you can switch your work position from standing to sitting position and vice versa so you can release muscle tension and stretch your legs, saving your hip flexors from unwanted tightness.