Real Estate Italy

For those on the lookout for Italian real estate (in Italy), it’s entirely possible. There’s plenty of real estate available in Italy, for those brave enough to venture forth and invest. While there are plenty of countries in Europe to invest in cheap real estate, Italy of course is a no-brainer. Because despite being the beaten path, it’s familiar, it remains popular, and in many places, still exotic.

For those not familiar, getting cheap real estate in Italy ( is entirely possible because, one, Italy does not restrict foreigners from owning property; and two, the properties available are even less expensive than homes in the United States. Let’s not get too excited just yet. Many cheap properties in Italy however are fixer-uppers and will require additional investments before they become that exotic dream home. Much like in the second Mamma Mia film.

Another thing potential buyers must keep in mind is the purpose of their purchase. One must be brave and open enough if the purpose of purchasing is migration. Many locales for cheap real estate Italy can be quite exotic, in other words, rural. Another is that migrants must be willing and able to find employment unless the purpose of migration is blissful retirement. Or the purpose of the investment is to flip the property. Invest, renovate, and resell. Lastly, the homeowner can convert the home into an inn or a BnB.

If interested, potential homeowners can contact their lawyers and get a hold of an Italian real estate agency or one locally that deals in foreign real estate. Italy has many places where one can get cheap properties from fixer-uppers to well-managed ones. Regions such as Tuscany, Sicily, and the Alps. You could look up the towns of Troina, Racalmuto and Puglia

Prices can be as low as 25,000 to a still affordable 80,000 euros. Given a few thousand euros more for taxes, realtor fees and renovations, that cheap home is transformed into a cozy summer home, retirement home or simply a good investment for rent or resale.