Why Buy Real Estate in Croatia

If you’re looking for an exotic yet very affordable retirement option in Europe, then it’s a good idea to purchase Croatian real estate. Croatia may seem to be too far out there, but like mustard, it’s an acquired taste that gets better over time. Much like what those who moved in and succeeded had to say. Croatia is not just for retirement, it’s also for the working class who want a challenge, with great scenery as an added bonus.

There are several reasons why foreign investors are looking to Croatia to purchase real estate (https://www.bluehomes.com/Immobilien-Kroatien/HR/de/debut.html). Croatia is known for good connectivity, well-preserved natural beauty and low cost of living. If you manage to move to Croatia for retirement with a regular income of more than the Croatian minimum wage, it is quite easy to enjoy life there. For the adventurous type not of retirement age, additional income options are recommended in case you land a minimum wage job. While the cost of living in Croatia is quite low, making it a good place for retirement, the salaries are equally low.

About real estate, Croatia has plenty of affordable options if one searches well enough. It’s possible to acquire an affordable home in an urban locale. The average price per square meter in Zagreb for instance is about 1,300 euros per square meter. But like many other European countries, properties get cheaper the farther it is away from urban areas. Croatia is not popular for its bureaucracy so it’s best for foreigners to transact through real estate agents and lawyers for all the processing. There are few restrictions for foreigners to own land, except for agricultural ones. Foreigners need to apply in person at the local Ministry of the Interior for a residency permit, as well as permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.